Main Loans

Personal Loans

We offer loans for personal expenses like vacation, weddings, auto repairs, holidays, medical emergencies, furniture and almost any other spending necessity. When you need cash to take care of a personal obligation, and you need it now, Southland Finance can lend a hand.

Auto Repairs Furniture Purchase
Holiday Expenses Special Events (Weddings, etc.)
Medical Emergencies Vacation

Installment Loans

When it comes to loans, we take out the worry whenever we can. With a fixed rate, you’ll never have to worry about your interest rate going up. Making equal monthly payments with an installment loan may be the best option for purchasing a big ticket item, like a car, boat, ATV, recreational vehicle/camper trailer or lawn equipment.

Automobiles Boats and Watercrafts
Lawn and Garden Equipment Motorcycles
All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) RVs, Campers and Travel Trailers

Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation is taking out one loan to pay off several others. This is often done to secure a lower interest rate (and lower monthly payment), secure a fixed rate or for the convenience of having only one loan. Get on the road to financial freedom - let Southland help.

Convenient Single Payment Reduce High Interest Debt
Save Money Simplify Life

All loans are subject to credit approval and loan guidelines.


Dealer/Retail Financing
Give your buyers a variety of financing options and increase your sales. Southland Finance indirect loan products give you more ways to help your customers feel good about their purchase.

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